McFab Slack Pack Hiking Trail – The Free State Farmlands on Foot

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The Free State is a vast province with many beautiful guest farms, self-catering cottages, small country hotels and fun activities for visitors and local residents to discover. The Free State landscape on foot is the preferred way for outdoor enthusiasts to explore true farm hospitality, contrasting landscapes, smelling nature, the sunrise and sunsets and connect with the soil.

The McFab Slack Pack Hiking Trail is a three-day adventure through some of the amazing parts of the Free State farmlands. It was inspired by a tradition that hails from 1925, where a triple challenge is rewarded with a major celebration at the end. Along the way, hikers visit three working farms. They will be able to observe the day-to-day running of the farm and will even be involved in some of the fun stuff. This will include watching tractors doing their thing and the animals being herded in a choreographed cacophony of their own. (SA-V)


The three neighbouring farms that form part of the McFab Slack Pack Hiking trail are Beukusrus, Mikiti and Kasteelkop Guest Farm outside Frankfort.

Day one
Arrival at the first farm and enjoy your first taste of true Free State farm hospitality and time with co-hikers for the next two days.

Day two
Start the first 20km hike early in the morning, exploring the maize and soy plantations, traipsing over golden grass fields stopping at the old farmhouses of the Boer War. Once you arrive at the second farm (the restored farmhouse of Beukusrus, which dates back to 1884), you can tour it with a the host or relax with some thing refreshing to drink. That evening, a moreish home-cooked meal will be served.

Day three
Follow the scenic Beukusrus roads and head past a camp at which the exquisite and endangered African grass owl can often be spotted. This route is 17km long and ends in a spectacular high tea enjoyed under the willow trees with a gushing waterfall in the back ground. The cherry on top for the tired hikers is a massage treatment to refresh the tired muscles and a last evening together around a bonfire under the African skies.

The three day package includes all meals, a slack pack, a high tea and amassage at the end of the trail.


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